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  After US, British and French forces launched over 100 missiles at Syria, Washington quickly stated that it was satisfied with the effectiveness of the strike. US President Donald Trump tweeted "Mission Accomplished!" Will there be more military actions on Syria? The US said that will depend on whether Bashar al-Assad's regime will use more chemical weapons in the future.


  According to these signals from Washington, most observers believe that this round of strikes against Syria by the US and its allies have come to an end. They have not actually weakened Syrian government forces or hurt Russia's military presence in Syria, but they conveyed a warning that Trump dares to strike.


  As for what Trump wants in Syria, many people are confused. Does he really want to stop the Syrian government forces from using chemical weapons? In that case, it's simple, because there is no need at all for the nation's government forces, which already control the situation in Syria's battlefield, to use chemical weapons. Using chemical weapons would only attract condemnation and attacks from the outside world. Hence, Assad's government has sufficient reason as it claims to keep away from chemical weapons.


  Was Trump trying to turn the tables on the Syrian battlefield, where government forces are scoring victories while opposition forces are shrinking? Then 100 missiles are far from enough.


  Was Washington attempting to humiliate Russia? Undoubtedly it embarrassed Moscow, but the strike avoided the region where Russian troops are stationed and the US issued a signal to stop the strike immediately afterward. Apparently, Washington restrained itself so as not to push the Kremlin into a corner and escalate the conflict.


  Perhaps even Trump and his team have no clue what they want to do in Syria. They may want to showcase the might of the US and the West, send a warning to their potential opponents and boost the unity of the West. Washington may feel that it is no big deal to beat Syria up.


  But the US severely underestimated the negative consequences of its reckless military action. It will inevitably stimulate hatred and make many countries and forces believe that the ultimate way to resolve conflicts and disputes can only be the use of force.


  It can be foreseen that the military strike on Syria will have a negative impact on the upcoming talks between the two Koreas and the Trump-Kim summit.


  One of the major characteristics of the Trump administration's diplomacy is willfulness and recklessness, as if the all-mighty US has the right to do everything.


  However, the stronger a country is, the greater the responsibility it has to maintain world peace and order. The military actions of the US and its allies have breached the framework of the United Nations and violated the foundation of modern international relations. If the will of Washington and the West represents the will of all mankind and they can punish whoever they want, why do we need the UN, or international law?